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Monday, February 9, 2009

Lyric Visualization

Wordle is a website where one can put in a sampling of text to be analyzed and rendered as a word cloud. If you use delicious.com or certain blog providers, you might be familiar with this concept already.

I was intrigued enough to put a small sample of our lyrics in to see what might happen. Below is the result:

Wordle: Spitting Angels Lyrics

Now, I didn’t imagine the word ‘god’ would be so prevalent but the sampling of lyrics did include a song called ‘God Hates Me’ so I suppose that skewed the data a bit. I imagine I’ll try again at some point with different lyrics in a larger sample set and see what other results I get. I’d love to just dump all of our lyrics into the site, it would almost be like a free psychoanalysis.

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