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The Calm Before The Storm ...

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th 2011 - 11:30 am (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Currently we have a lot of irons in the fire. Nothing we're ready to talk about in great detail yet but those that know me personally know that I dream big and am probably a bit of an overachiever.

In the past few months we've played several shows that we've been remiss in mentioning here mainly because the website is being re-architected. The process is going slow because my main priority at this point is to finish up principal mixing on our first official CD. Hopefully I'll be ready to discuss the album in greater detail soon. I have some big ideas around it, I'm pretty excited!

Until the website rewrite is done, the most timely updates will be posted on our Facebook page. We are relatively new to Facebook and I much would prefer to have this website be our central hub but Fb is where everyone is nowadays so that's the path of least resistance for right now.  I did just move the website to a new server so if you notice anything that seems broken or quirky, please let me know.

We are also considering adding a 4th member into the band again. We're not in a huge hurry as we have great chemistry as a 3-piece but that arrangement requires occasional compromises with the music. We're going to take our time looking and make sure we find the right type of person to add to the mix. We are looking for a guitarist or synth player and if you or someone you know might be a good fit, then use our Band Application to apply.

Posted by Shadow

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More Shows!

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th 2011 - 12:20 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Hi!  Here is what we are currently up to.  First of all, we just played a show at Red Eyed Fly that we apparently promoted everywhere but on our website.

We also have a Facebook presence now, you can like us here:

We have a just booked show coming up next weeking during SXSW on Wednesday, 5pm at Agave in downtown Austin.  It's not any part of official SXSW festivites whatsoever but is totally peripheral to that and the other various spring break festivities.

After that, we have put together an awesome lineup next month on Saturday April 9th for "Pixie's Birthday Show" at Headhunters.

Then, in early May, we will be performing during a Tom Petty Hoot-night at Elysium which should be fun.

Finally, in early June we will return to Red Eyed Fly on Thursday, June 2nd to celebrate my birthday and if we get enough people to come out for that, we'll be able to finally start planning weekend gigs at REF.  This is important for tactical reasons which maybe I'll explain later.

More info will be posted to this site

Posted by Shadow

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New Shows Coming Up!

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th 2011 - 12:43 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

We have severely neglected our duties in informing you via this site as to what we are up two but we currently have a few live performances planned for the beginning of this year!

First up, next week on Wednesday, Jan 19th, we are taping a live acoustic performance for BalconyTV on top of Maggie May's in downtown Austin. The song we plan on taping is called "Here Is Where I'll Wait", which will be on our upcoming album that I still can't talk about yet except to say that it will be awesome and very different from what people have come to expect from Spitting Angels. Also performing that same night are our good friends in Waiting for August and Freebleeder. Honorable mention goes to Righteous Brisket and Motionside, who I tried to get in on the same night but they are performing the next week on Jan 26th. Both shows are closed sets but we would like to get as many people inside to have a small yet sizable audience as we perform best in front of one. We encourage you to come down, even if you can't get inside for the taping, you could catch the show from the street or hang out in the bar and have celebratory drinks after! It's the first time the band has performed acoustically and we hope to not disappoint!

Now, the very next night, on Thursday, Jan 20th, we are performing at Elysium. We are headlining and going on at midnight and before us will be our good friends in Radio Fallout at 10pm and our drinking buddies in Freebleeder at 11pm. We have coupons available for $2 off the the cover which you should try to get a hold of ahead of time, as supplies are limited. Antics are sure to ensue, so don't miss it!

Show Flyer - 2010-01-20

Last but not least, in February on Friday, Feb 18th, we are performing in a Cars Tribute show @ Elysium. Every band (all 13 of them!) will be performing a Cars cover plus a few of their own tunes. Even if we weren't performing, I would definitely be in the audience for this.

Show Flyer - Cars Tribute

Posted by Shadow

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Spitting Angels Present Halloween @ Headhunters!

Posted on Tuesday, September 14th 2010 - 10:31 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Dear citizens of The Internet,

We at Spitting Angels Headquarters are excited to announce The Most Awesome Halloween Show Ever™!

Your attendance is required the evening of October 30th 2010 at Headhunters club in Austin, TX.

At first, we thought of doing a triple threat show with two of our favorite fellow bands. But my megalomaniacal-ness knows no bounds so why stop there? So we are pleased to present to you: Spitting Angels, Freebleeder, and Zombie Sidekick! Speaking of zombies, we've revived the long dead Halix for one-night only! And rounding it on the main stage are Trash Rockets and Radio Fallout!

Plus Antero Sleeps, Ankara, and Bar Brawl III on the outside stage!


Posted by Shadow

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Next Show At Headhunters 8-7-2010

Posted on Friday, July 23rd 2010 - 03:20 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Alright folks, we've finally booked a Saturday night show, so no excuses! We'll be at Headhunters on August 7th playing with Eyes Burn Electric and A Good Rodgering. Should be a good time, so show up early and stay late. If you're lucky we may debut a new song or two.

2010-08-07 HeadHunters

Originally posted by Ian
Edited by Shadow, on July 28th 2010

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This Thursday At The Parlor

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th 2010 - 08:11 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Hey kids, I know this is short notice, but we're playing at the Parlor on North Loop this Thursday at 9 pm.  Not quite the weekend, but it's an early show, and you don't have to deal with downtown, so come on out!


Posted by Ian

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First New Show Two Years!

Posted on Thursday, May 6th 2010 - 12:53 am (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Hi, it's us. Spitting Angels. You might think that we disappeared. However, we have been busy, working in secret: building better monsters, forging new alliances. Some of you have seen us but some of you have only heard the legends. Well, now is your chance to witness the spectacle that is Spitting Angels. We have become leaner and meaner and now walk an even finer line between control and chaos. In just two short weeks we will be playing live again for the first time in over two years. We have a new drummer and he's kept up with every twist we've thrown into our music and provides us an even stronger foundation than ever before. I know it's a Wednesday and some of you will want to skip out because of work the next day but fuck that. We have day jobs, too. But we will be there playing for you so the least you can do is show up and accept our humble gift of changing your life forever with this single show and if not, come up with a better excuse than work because we're not having any of that lameness.

The show starts at 9:00 pm and is a FREE show. As in no cover. As in you get to spend all your hard-earned money (from that job you wanna blame everything on except missing this just cause that won't happen, right?) on fine alcoholic beverages.


Posted by Shadow

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We've Gone Dark, We Know ...

Posted on Monday, March 29th 2010 - 11:41 am (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

In the past several months, nay, past couple of years, even, Spitting Angels has gone quiet.  No transmissions from our base-camp, no new material, no live shows.

The website was refreshed at the beginning of last year and we spent much of last year looking for the right people to get the band moving forward again.  Last October, we found our new drummer, Seth, and the decision was made at that time to go forward with Spitting Angels as a three piece. 

While we are not quite yet ready to make any big announcements, let me state that the long-in-waiting first album is nearing completion, more info and release date will be announce when it is finished.  Let me just say it will be far different than what I think anyone would expect from Spitting Angels, which is that way I like it.  I've pretty much put everything else on hold just to get this album done.

We expect to be announcing live shows soon.  I've delegated booking responsibilities to Ian so that I can focus on completing the first album, which sets an arc that will go over at least three albums. So for any booking inquiries, you should get in touch of him.  This website is is one of several ways to do so.

Let me just say that the decision of making Spitting Angels a 3 piece was a difficult, yet rewarding decision.  I believe it's forced me, Ian and Seth to all be much more accomplished musicians and I know it's made a world of difference in my own performance. The lack of a second guitarist means my mistakes are more glaring.  I don't expect Spitting Angels to continue like this forever but hopefully it will allow us the momentum we need to move forward with our goals.

Think of this time as that pre-dawn moment just before that sun comes creeping over the horizon.

Posted by Shadow

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Posted on Saturday, November 21st 2009 - 08:03 pm (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

That's right folks, we're back on track!  New formula, new drummer, new recordings forthcoming.  After years of doing the 4-piece thing, Shadow and I came to the decision to strip it down to a 3-piece contingent on finding a badass drummer.  And we have.  Everyone please welcome Seth to the fold.  We've been jamming with him for the past few months (including a house party on Halloween) and he's definitely proven himself to be the missing element.  Now that we have the drummer situation settled, we've resumed the recording process, and should have our first EP ready sometime in early 2010, so be on the look out for that.  We're also working on some new material that should hopefully be stageready when we start gigging regularly again.  Stay tuned, big things on the horizon.

Originally posted by Ian
Edited by Shadow, on March 29th 2010

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Fresh New Site!

Posted on Saturday, January 31st 2009 - 04:15 am (CST6CDT) - Many years ago.

Our website has been looking bit long in the tooth for awhile so in anticipation of our search for a new drummer and forthcoming albums (Note the plural) and our glorious return to live performances and all that fun stuff that indicates that we are an actual, honest-to-god functioning band and not just some kid's crazy project in his parent's basement (not that there's anything wrong with that), a major rewrite of the site has been done.

Everything's shinier, faster, maybe even rounder (if you are using an approved browser, that is).

More technical detail about the site can be read in our new(ish) blog.

I actually published the updates to the site a few days ago but Ian beat me to announcing it on our myspace and, well, it's kind of embarrassing to not have any current news here when what you are staring at right now is newsworthy.

Some of you might've noticed, there's this here news section but also a 'blog'.  Well, that's so we can separate newsworthy posts from strange ramblings.  My fascination with technology or Ian's strange addiction to the MySpace Mobsters app can now be relegated to some dark corner of our official band blog until visitors catch on that the more interesting stuff gets posted there.

Posted by Shadow

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