Song: "Tori's Song (version II)"


most people really like this one. a summary of grief and beauty. recorded in 1997 on a 4-track, remastered 2001.
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Lyrics for
Tori's Song (version II)

Instead Of Lyrics, I'll Give You A Story.

I Knew A Girl In High School. We Became Pretty Good Friends And Then She Moved Away. She Moved Back Eventually And I Found Out Right Before I Left For College. I Tried To Visit Her Before I Left But Plans Fell Through And I Thought, "Oh, I'll Just Catch Up With Her When I Come Back On Break."

She Hung Herself While I Was At College, I Found Out Over The Phone By A Friend. I Never Got A Chance To See Her Again.

Thoughts And Memories Swirled In My Head For Months Before The Grief Caught Up With Me. I Sat Down, Turned On My 4-track And This Is What Came Out. The Reason There Is A Version II Is Because Version I Had More Traditional Type Lyrics I Tried To Write That Just Didn't Seem Fitting. So I Scrapped Them, Wrote Out My Thoughts On The Subject As A Stream Of Consciousness Type Of Thing And That Became 'version II'.

This Song Will Never Be Rerecorded In A Studio Setting, Although It May Be 'reinterpreted' Live.


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