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Instrument(s):  Guitar, Vocals

Bio:  Shadow put together this site and this music. He can compose, produce, design the interwebs, make videos and is easily distracted by shiny gadgets. He can refer to himself in the 3rd person for promotional info. He is a Gemini which means he can argue with you while taking your side at the same time. You should never, ever question his judgment. He's not Tom Cruise or a Scientologist but he does believe that the majority of people on behavioral medication use it as a crutch and there are better ways with dealing with such feelings like putting into songs about how much you want to gouge out your eyes or claw your own guts out. Then you, at least, have the option of making a profit out of your misery. Despite wanting to claw his own guts out on a regular basis, Shadow is a fairly well-adjusted individual.

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Instrument(s):  Bass

Bio:  Other than Shadow, Ian has been in Spitting Angels the longest. He's a stand up, loyal guy. Don't let anyone know this but even though he looks like a raving psycho-killer just let out on parole he's really one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. But he will drink all your beer if you don't keep an eye on him.

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